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Fudge Lover’s Special


The Fudge Lover’s Special is one pound of your favorite fudge flavors delivered to you in four 1/4 lb. boxes. If you want just one flavor… go ahead and order four 1/4 lb. boxes of that flavor. Or live it up and mix and match your favorites. Just remember, you need to order a total of four 1/4 lb. boxes to create ONE “Fudge Lover’s Special”.

Follow these simple steps to create ONE “Fudge Lover’s Special“:

  1. Click the “Add” button on a flavor you want to order.
  2. Use the up-and-down arrows to choose the quantity of 1/4 lb. boxes you want of this flavor.
  3. Choose ANY combination of ANY flavor(s), as long as you choose a total of four 1/4 lb. boxes.
  4. Click “Add to Cart”.

Want more of THAT PARTICULAR “Fudge Lover’s Special” combination?

  1. Use the up-and-down arrows next to the “Add to Cart’ button to choose whatever quantity you want of that particular combo.
  2. Click “Add to Cart”.


  • Banana Cream Pie Fudge (1/4 lb.)

    This is in honor of my grandma who made the most delicious banana cream pie. Now it’s my own unique fudge creation. Very creamy and dreamy! Thanks Grandma!

  • Orange Dreamsicle Fudge (1/4 lb.)

    My personal favorite. One of my favorite childhood memories was eating a 50/50 ice cream bar in the summertime. So, I recreated that sweet memory with my own original artisan creation. You won’t find this fudge anywhere else. It’s fantastic.

  • Strawberry Cheesecake Fudge (1/4 lb.)

    Say cheesecake and everyone smiles. Add strawberry to the mix and you have pure mouthwatering goodness in every bite.

  • Peppermint Delight Fudge (1/4 lb.)

    You are going to love my new Peppermint Delight fudge. Downright mouthwatering!

  • Pistachio Nut Fudge (1/4 lb.)

    Sweet, crunchy and so tasty! The freshly ground pistachios add extra flavor and a great crunch. Go green with this delightful best seller.

  • Rootbeer Float Fudge (1/4 lb.)

    Ok, this one tastes exactly like the real thing! You won’t believe your taste buds as the flavors hit you in waves.

  • Cookies and Cream Fudge (1/4 lb.)

    The ultimate classic combination! I use white Ghiradelli chocolate and mix it with real Oreo cookies to create this classic crowd pleaser. You won’t be able to resist this richly delicious fudge. I dare you!

  • Caramel Macchiato Fudge (1/4 lb.)

    Creamy, soft and sweet with a kiss of coffee and caramel. Your favorite coffee house order just became a delicious piece of fudge! Drink it up.

  • Butterscotch Pie Fudge (1/4 lb.)

    This fudge is made with butterscotch and heavy cream. I say it tastes like a butterscotch pie on steroids! Go ahead and enhance your day with this delectable fudge.

  • Blueberry Cheesecake Fudge (1/4 lb.)

    Bursting with melt-in-your mouth blueberry goodness! Every bite of this delicious fudge is a dream treat for the blueberry and cheesecake lover! It is sweet, rich, and delightful!

  • Belgian Chocolate Fudge (1/4 lb.)

    My creamy Belgian Chocolate Fudge is a long-time favorite and one that keeps customers wanting more. Chocolate purists are going to love this smooth, classic creation. I use dark Belgian chocolate (62% cocoa) to create a rich chocolate experience. This is the perfect gift for both the chocolate connoisseur and the fudge fancier.

  • Very Rocky Road Fudge (1/4 lb.)

    This is one rocky road you will always want to be on. It’s chock-full of peanuts and marshmallows, hand-stirred together to keep the chocolate dense and gooey. Never a wrong turn when this fudge arrives at your doorstep!